The solution for positive climate-change contributions for businesses and households

We build strong partnerships with tree planting projects and reforestation around the world.

What we do?

Who is Ecoceptive?

Ecoceptive is a technology company based in Glasgow that works as a climate action intermediary. On the one hand we are building strong partnerships with tree planting projects and reforestation around the world, while on the other hand we are in the process of building platforms that support businesses and households to better understand their carbon footprint.

Our vision

We are creating a number of services aimed at different target markets and audiences, that will allow individuals and businesses to help tackle climate change.

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Why us?

As technology company Ecoceptive has the power to leverage the growing number of climate project partnerships to provide additional services to other technology businesses.



We are building the technology in-house and own 100% of the IP.



Our innovation is to be the most scalable and easy to integrate climate change intermediary.



We are focused on sustainability and aim to build a better world for the future.

Active projects

Our projects

Ecoceptive supports everyone - from household to business - to provide a tailored platform to invest into climate change projects.


For Households

To compensate for your household's emissions by funding equivalent tree planting projects that provide benefits in addition to carbon reduction.

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For Businesses

Businesses that want to reduce their carbon footprint by integrating with our partners and tree planting projects.

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Solid partnerships and teamwork change the world day-to-day

We're proud to be part of the Eden Projects team and support tree-planting projects all around the world



Our mision

Climate change is widespread, rapid and intensifying

We are running out of time to take action, and while many people are engaged in climate action and carbon reduction in their businesses and households, they would also like to support on a global scale.

A world-leading intermediary between global impact projects and businesses as well as households around the world.